Who Is Modishlee?

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for checking out our page and shopping with us. I wanted to share the back story on who we are and why we are here! If you have time for a short novel then keep on reading ;)

I am Brandi and the Owner of Modishlee! I was born and raised in Indianapolis and have been working in retail management for about 14 years! Needless to say my passion has always been fashion and business.

It's crazy how people come into your life for reasons we don't even understand but that's exactly happened to me. Someone popped into my life for a few months that saw my passion and potential in what I wanted to do. I continued to pray about it everyday and truly believe that God has put this little adventure right in front of me to make a difference.

I am a huge believer in empowering other women because I know first hand just how hard it is sometimes to not only be a women in this crazy cruel world but to also be a working single mother. That my friends is not just any job. It's the toughest one out there! Brantley is almost 5 years old and he is my world! My plan is to not only try to be more present in his life, follow my passions but to also partner with local charities. Such as attending events that will benefit women in the area who are just in need of a little "extra" help!

There you have it! That is my WHY! Not just any online boutique but one that is out there to make a difference! (If you or someone you know has any connections for local women's charities or knows of anyone we can help feel free to email us at modishlee@gmail.com)

Lots of Love,